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Saturday’s Strength and Conditioning Classes: Are you New to Strength Training? Check out CAL’s Strength and Conditioning Classes every Saturday Morning! All players participate together and modifications are provided as needed for strength and training level.

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February School’s Out Camps: Competitive Basketball Game Camp: Friday, February 12 | Point Guard Academy: Monday, February 15 | Elite Fitness: Camp runs each School’s Out Camp from 7:00 – 9:00 am.

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Basketball Clinic Sunday: Basketball Skills/Drills & Scrimmage Sunday from 1-2:30 & Guards and Post Player Controlled Scrimmages Sunday from 2:30-4


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Developing player skills is our number one priority. Our Basketball Programs are top-notch as we use innovative and progressive drills targeted to meet your player's needs and progression on the court. Programs are designed for all skill levels and allow players to progress as they mature as basketball players from beginner to elite athletes. READ MORE [...]



CAL Sports Academy provides volleyball players with the opportunity to develop their skills through camps, clinics and competitive volleyball leagues. Players sharpen their skills in bumping / passing, setting, spiking / attacking, and blocking and build confidence on the court through a better program curriculum and playing in games. READ MORE [...]

Performance Training


Multi-Sport athletes will enjoy the challenge and intensity of our performance based programs at CAL Sports Academy. These programs offer athletes the opportunity to explode in speed and agility, improve overall strength and conditioning, and conquer their overall fitness goals. Time + Effort = Results is our motto. READ MORE [...]

Private Training


CAL Sports Academy offers private and small group training. Private training is about Time + Effort = Results. We develop a program designed specifically for you and your team that leaves the player ready and equipped to take his/her game to the next level. If athletes are willing to put in the time and effort, results are achieved. READ MORE [...]



Our Pre-School programs teach children ages 3-5 the fundamentals of motor skills (balance, speed, coordination), and exposes them to a variety of sports and exercises in a fun-filled, nurturing environment. Your child will build confidence and learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship while exploring sports. READ MORE [...]

Travel Teams


CAL Sports Academy proudly offers travel sports programs for AAU Basketball and Club Volleyball. Our programs are designed to create opportunities for boys and girls who are committed to playing competitive year-round sports. If your player has a passion for basketball and volleyball, our travel programs are for you. READ MORE [...]


Youth sports camps offer players an opportunity to build upon their skills through progressive drills and game action. Beginner players learn the basics of the game while advanced players learn to take their game to the next level with face-paced and competitive drills. Camps include basketball, volleyball, and multi-sports. Come discover your "Strength through Sports." READ MORE [...]



Specialty Clinics are a key element to the excitement and player success at CAL Sports Academy. Throughout the year, we host a number of specialty clinics for athletes in various sports and multiple skill levels. Our clinics focus on specific skills emphasizing improving an athletes game play and skill. Innovative and progressive drills are used to increase confidence and build success. READ MORE [...]


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Soccer is coming to CAL Sports Academy in the Fall of 2015 for our youngest sports explorers to beginner level players. Our programs are a great introduction to soccer where players learn the fundamentals of soccer from dribbling, passing, and shooting to building teamwork and sportsmanship. Players will get a KICK out of our Soccer Squirts and Soccer Stars programs. READ MORE [...]



CAL Sports Academy’s Mission Statement is: “Strength through Sports” By discovering a player’s “Strength Through Sports”, CAL Sports Academy not only develops the athlete but develops the whole being…mind, body, and soul. We were founded to provide positive sports programs for the youth in the area. Our goals are to instill leadership qualities in each




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My son had a ball yesterday at the park. He loves playing basketball and he loves playing for you! Thank you for being more than a coach to my son and the boys. Read More >>

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A year ago I started to train at CAL Sports for Volleyball. I had no experience but high goals. Read More >>

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From when you first walked in, until the end of the day you were pushed to work your hardest. Read More >>

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I wanted to take time to thank you for the individual help you’ve given my son over the past three weeks. It’s been very helpful. Read More >>

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What I saw was an energetic coach that combined volleyball instruction with strength and conditioning. I think you have scored an “ACE” with Coach Julie. Read More >>

The path to success - coach corey's blog

The idea of participation awards seems to always be a hot topic. Parents, coaches and even the athletes themselves have an opinion. Should young athletes earn awards just for participating? The reason the debate never seems to go away is because there isn’t a right answer. CAL Sports Academy’s Coach Corey can see both sides of Read More >>


  Former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson recently made headlines for his comments on NBA star Steph Curry. Jackson said during a recent interview that Curry was “hurting the game” because young players are trying to emulate him and are spending their time at the 3-point line instead of working on other aspects of the game. Read More >>

CAL Sports Academy Setting Goals

The flip of the calendar is the unofficial signal for many to dust off their running shoes, to stop drinking soda, or get more sleep. While a new year may seem like the perfect time for a new beginning, student-athletes should be setting goals all the time. The key is, however, to make the goals Read More >>


“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”  This quote was said by High School Basketball Coach Tim Notke, someone whose job it was to evaluate talent and push his players to reach their goals. While coaches will sometimes get lucky and have a player or two who possess raw natural athleticism, coaches at Read More >>

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As the old saying goes, there is no “I” in team. This simple phrase is one of our main beliefs here at CAL Sports Academy. Not only do we strive to build and improve an athlete’s skills, we also try to build their confidence, initiative and teamwork. “Sports does a lot for many kids as Read More >>