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Youth Basketball Programs

Developing players’ basketball skills is our number one priority.

Youth BasketballCAL Sports Academy’s youth basketball programs feature innovative and progressive drills that meet the needs of the player. Our programs are designed for kids of all skill levels who are between the ages of 5 and 17 and allows players to mature from beginners to elite athletes. By providing 10 weeks, year-round programs, players become successful in basketball performance. Players will learn dribbling, passing, shooting, game positions, offensive and defensive techniques, and more.

Which youth basketball program is right for your child? Browse our offerings below and learn more!

Beginner Basketball

Our Beginner Basketball programs provide players, ages 5-12, a foundation for understanding the basics of basketball. We teach our beginners the on-court positions, and how to dribble, pass, and shoot the ball. Our youth basketball programs allow players to build confidence and strength. Players complete our programs with the ability to apply their skills in live games.

Players are placed into small groups based on their skill level to give every youth basketball player the attention they deserve.

Our Beginner Basketball Programs are:

  • Beginner Basketball
  • Learning to Play the Game
  • Beginner/Intermediate Point Guard




CBB-101: Learning the Basics

This course will break skills down to their most basic and fundamental levels for players new to the game. Players will be introduced to a variety of drills to establish familiarity with dribbling, passing, receiving, rebounding, shooting, and basic footwork.

Age / Grade: 6-9 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-102: Beyond the Basics

This course will build on the fundamental skills introduced in CAL 101. Players will experience drills designed to enhance control and confidence with ball handling, passing, rebounding, shooting, and footwork. Players will also gain an understanding of basketball rules and basic game play principles.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-103: Introduction to Shooting

This course is designed to give beginner level players an understanding of the fundamentals of shooting. Players will be guided in establishing proper shooting technique and will be encouraged to maximize their repetitions through a variety of structured shooting drills and activities by our experienced coaching staff.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-105: Girls Beginner Basketball Training

This course is for our beginner level female basketball players. Our experienced coaches will introduce players to the fundamentals of the game such as shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. Players will have fun taking part in various drills and competitions while learning the rules of the game and basic basketball concepts.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


Intermediate Basketball

Our Intermediate Basketball programs allow players, ages 8-16, to begin taking his or her skills to the next level. Players begin specializing in specific positions while learning skills and attitudes that will lead them to success on, and off, the court.

Players are placed into small groups based on their skill level to give every youth basketball player the attention they deserve.

Player Expectations:

  • Knowledge of basketball basics.
  • The ability to dribble the ball with both hands individually from sideline to sideline without losing the ball.
  • Able to reach the 10-foot basket with the ball when shooting.
  • Must be able to shoot from the foul line.

Our Intermediate Basketball programs are:

  • Shooting Training
  • Complete Player Training
  • Beginner/Intermediate Point Guard

Intermediate Basketball Bundle/Combo Deals Available. 




CBB-201: Developing the Complete Player

Now that players have established a basic basketball awareness and have been introduced to the fundamental skills of the game, it is time to start developing efficiency in all areas of the game. Players will experience a progression of skill development drills while also gain an understanding of effective offensive/defensive positioning.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-202: Advancing the Complete Player

This course will take the individual skill progression of each player and give them an understanding of how and when to use these skills to be successful in games. Players will enhance tactical awareness through a variety of drills combining elements of ball handling, scoring, rebounding, offensive concepts, and defensive concepts.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-203: Developing the Team Player

This course will combine the skill sets established in previous courses to develop each individual’s effectiveness as a team player. We will address various team defensive principles such as defending screens, help side defense, rotations, and transition defense as well as team offensive principles including half-court spacing, on and off-ball screening, motion concepts, advantage opportunities and responsibilities, etc.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-204: Building a Shooter

This class is the next step for intermediate level players to develop as an effective shooter. Players will be guided through a variety of shooting exercises to continue to develop consistency, extend their shooting range, and gain experience shooting in game-like situations.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-205: Girls Intermediate Basketball Training

This course is an opportunity for intermediate level players to work on their game in a girls-only setting. Our coaching staff will work with these female athletes to develop their individual skills, as well as their understanding of offensive and defensive team concepts.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


Advanced Basketball

Our Advanced Basketball programs challenges players, ages 10-17, to become specialized in positions, excel at various techniques and skills and apply those skills in game-specific situations. Players learn decision making to enhance their entire team. Dedication and commitment to hard work is a must in our Advanced Basketball programs.

Players are placed into small groups based on their skill level to give every youth basketball player the attention they deserve.

Player Expectations:

  • The ability to dribble with both hands individually up and down the full court.
  • The ability to make shots from the foul line.
  • The ability to jump to reach rebounds.
  • The ability to handle the physical nature of specialized positions.
  • Must know the various basketball passes (chest, baseball, bounce, overhead) and can execute them.

Our Advanced Basketball programs are:

  • Advanced Shooting Training
  • Advanced Point Guard
  • Offense and Scoring

Advanced Basketball Bundle/Combo Deals Available. 




CBB-301: Scoring from the Perimeter

This course will address tactical concepts and skill development necessary to become an effective perimeter scorer while also establishing effectiveness as a perimeter defender. Players will gain experience and understanding using and reacting to various types of screens and cuts to score, advantage/disadvantage situations, creating passing lanes, effective passing against different defensive schemes, primary and secondary transition attack, etc.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-302: Attacking the Paint

This course will work to develop each player’s strength and effectiveness getting to the basket to either score or position teammates to score. We will primarily focus on body control, dribble attack, and finishing to score while also incorporating the importance of discipline in decision making, reading and reacting to defense, post moves and footwork, and rebounding among other various offensive and defensive principles.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-303: Game Application

It is now time to put your skills to use in our CAL 303 Game Application course! In this course, players will gain experience utilizing our previously addressed skills and team concepts in controlled game / scrimmage scenarios.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-304: Transition to Prep

Think you are ready for our Elite Prep level? This course will serve as an evaluation period for advanced players who believe they have what it takes to take part in our Elite Prep programs. Players will be pushed and tested to further enhance their skills through high-level drills and game situations all while being evaluated by our coaching staff. *This class is a requirement for players looking to move on to our Elite Prep classes.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-305: Girls Advanced Basketball Training

This advanced level course is designed specifically to work with our experienced female athletes on further developing their basketball skills. Players will take part in a variety of high level drills and game situations to elevate their skills and increase confidence on the court.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


Basketball Clinics

Our Basketball Clinics allow players to explore and develop specific skills to improve their game and become successful youth basketball players. Our clinics are for boys and girls in grades 3-10 and focus on the key elements of being an all-around player, improving shooting form, techniques, and shots, excelling as Point Guard, offensive moves and scoring, defense positions, boxing out, and handling the press.

Targeted Skills:

  • Increasing Basketball IQ
  • Shooting techniques from various positions on the floor
  • Passing techniques to effectively and efficiently pass
  • Footwork and Speed Drills
  • Gameplay through controlled scrimmages

Our Basketball Clinics are:

Basketball Open Gyms

Have you learned the fundamental skills of basketball? Need somewhere to test these skills? Come participate in our Basketball Open Gyms to scrimmage and utilize what you’ve learned in real, game-like situations. Our Basketball Open Gyms give boys and girls of all skill levels the ability to become confident youth athletes. Come out, bring a friend, and let’s play some basketball!

Basketball Open Gyms include:

  • Scrimmages against AAU players.
  • A referee for pickup games.
  • All games will be played to 7 (scorekeeper) or 10 minutes.
  • Winners stay on and an entire new group of 5 plays next. Winners limited to 2 games in a row.

Our Basketball Open Gym programs are:

  • FNB – Friday Night Basketball – Co-Ed | Dates Coming Soon!

Private Training: Basketball

Discuss all of our private training options by calling us at 844-225-3343 or emailing us at office@calsportsacademy.com. We will be happy to put an individual plan together for your player.

Individual Private Training

Individual Training focuses on the goals and objectives players want to accomplish within a certain time frame. We offer training in basketball, volleyball, soccer, strength and conditioning, and speed and agility. Goals and objectives are set at the beginning of each training session by both the player and coach. We push our players to their maximum capacity to produce results. By the end of the set time frame, players feel more confident to perform at their complete best to take him or her to the next level.

Half Hour Rates:

  • 1 session: $50
  • 5 sessions: $225  SAVE $25!
  • 10 sessions: $400  SAVE $100!

One Hour Rate:

  • 1 session: $100
  • 5 sessions: $450  SAVE $50!
  • 10 sessions: $800  SAVE $200!

Small Group Private Training

Contact office@calsportsacademy.com to set up your small group private training.

Small Group Training allows players to train together on skills they need to improve as a team and gain success in the game. Training is tailored to meet the goals and needs of the small group. We offer training in basketball, volleyball, soccer, strength and conditioning, and speed and agility. We push our players to their maximum capacity to produce results. By the end of the training session, players feel more confident to perform at their complete best to take him, or her, to the next level.

Group Training Rates:

  • Rates vary depending on size of group.


The time you put into something + The effort you put in = Results

Basketball Leagues

Our Basketball Leagues are co-ed and offer players the opportunity to develop their skills all year-round through a creative, challenging, and competitive program. Players sharpen their ball handling, passing, and shooting skills, and build confidence on the court through weekly drills and games. Our program fosters teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline as well as, a better understanding of effective offensive and defensive gameplay in a fun and nurturing environment. All players are evaluated during the first week and placed into well-balanced teams. Requests for team placement are not guaranteed. All games include PIAA certified referees.

Our Basketball League programs are:

  • Grades 1-2 Fall Basketball League (starting this FALL Sept, 2018)
  • Grades 3-5 Fall Basketball League (Saturday Evenings at CAL/Harleysville)
  • Grades 6-8 Fall Basketball League (Saturday Mornings at CAL/Harleysville)
  • Grades 9-10 Fall Basketball League (Friday Nights at CAL/Harleysville)

Quick Links for Current League Players

AAU Basketball Travel Team

Our AAU Basketball Travel Team creates additional opportunities for boys and girls in grades 5-9 who are committed to playing competitive basketball year-round. Keeping players together all year around leads to success on and off the court!

2018 FALL TEAM Tryouts:  Click for Dates/Times/Locations 

Tentative FALL Season AAU Tournament Dates:

October 13th & 14th (Manalapan NJ)
October 27th & 28th (Wilmington, DE)
November 10th & 11th (Manheim, PA)

2018 Summer Season AAU Travel Season Fees: New Players without Uniform ($TBD) and Returning Players with uniforms ($TBD).

Teams will have 1 – 90 Minute practice per week and 1 Skills Development/Performance Training (on selected Saturdays).

Practice locations:
Practices are located at either, CAL (Harleysville), St. Maria Goretti (Hatfield), Central Schwenkfelder Community Center (Lansdale), and Christopher Dock High School (Lansdale).
Be sure to review the schedule for details of when and where practices are for your team.

Quick Links for Current AAU Players

Basketball: School's Out

Basketball School’s Out is for players, in grades 2-9, who are looking for something to do on their day off from school.  Participants are grouped by skill and age to maximize the opportunity to develop individual player skills.

School’s Out will: improve players game play, strengthen their skills, boost their confidence, and create new friendships by playing competitive games and having fun!

Our School’s Out programs are:

  • Basketball
  • Elite Basketball Training
  • Multisport

Video taping of any CAL Sports Academy program is strictly prohibited.