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How CAL Coaches Evaluate Player Progress

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” 

This quote was said by High School Basketball Coach Tim Notke, someone whose job it was to evaluate talent and push his players to reach their goals.

While coaches will sometimes get lucky and have a player or two who possess raw natural athleticism, coaches at CAL Sports Academy are often pressed to find the hidden gems.

At CAL Sports, a player’s mental qualities are just as important, if not more, than their natural ability.


A powerful story of community at CAL Sports Academy

Recently, one of the CAL Sports Academy player parents was able to procure a donation to our organization from her generous employers at ALMAC.  After some deliberation, we were happy to award the donation in the form of a scholarship to one of our players, Ares Marshall Deardorff.  Ares is a wonderful young man who’s family has faced some tough issues recently.  Ares’ mother recalls the details.  (more…)

What really makes CAL Sports Academy different from other area youth sports programs?

What makes CAL Sports Academy different?

One word: Development.
CAL Sports is an organization dedicated to the development of young athletes though our youth sports programs.
One of our primary goals is to raise the level of play for youth, ages three through eighteen, in our communities. We decided that by providing a fun, challenging, organized, and creative atmosphere gives youth the chance to develop individually and in a team.  (more…)

The benefits of sitting on the bench as an athlete

Let’s face it: as an athlete, at one point or another you’ll be on the bench. What you do with that experience will teach you more about life than all the minutes you play combined.  Coach Corey is a firm believer that expecting and preparing for that day on the bench is one of the more important skills you’ll need to develop as a young athlete. (more…)

Keeping Your Athlete on the Path to Success


Competitive sport is an ever-growing field that is continuing to trend towards new heights. Student athletes today have access to more training methods and techniques than ever before and this has elevated the level of competition to new standards that have never been seen before. With all that in mind, what can you do to keep your son or daughter at the highest level, and help them gain every advantage they can to stay on top of the competition?


5 Tips for Managing your Student-Athlete

Parent-teacher conferences, doctor appointments, science projects and oh yeah – sleep. How are you and your child possibly supposed to squeeze in time for soccer practice, basketball games and family dinner?

It’s all about balance, Corey Lord, founder and owner of CAL Sports Academy says. Corey shares his tips for managing and maximizing your student-athlete.


Setting Goals is Crucial for Player Success

The upcoming flip of the calendar is the unofficial signal for many to dust off their running shoes, to stop drinking soda, or get more sleep.

While a new year may seem like the perfect time for a new beginning, student-athletes should be setting goals all the time. The key is, however, to make the goals or resolutions small and achievable.

“I think it’s important to write goals down and place them where you can see them daily. Set measurable goals, achievable goals and track the progress. Kids have to be motivated or nothing will happen,” Coach Corey said.


Why YOU Matter to CAL

In the spirit of the holidays, it feels like the right time to further explain why we love what we do at CAL Sports. First and foremost, the youth that we work with and have the opportunity to meet, are forever a part of our CAL family. This is not something we take lightly; it means that these young athletes will forever have a source or an outlet they can reach out to when it is needed. In 10 years, thousands of kids and parents have come through CAL Sports, and they will always be a part of what makes this organization what it is to this day. (more…)

Young Athletes: Healthy sleep habits to get through daylight savings

Turning the clock forward or back for Daylight Saving Time is always hard. Losing an hour in the spring can leave you groggy for weeks while the extra hour in the fall can feel like a windfall – but can disrupt your sleep nonetheless. Follow these tips to get through time change sleep disruption so that when morning comes you’re ready to face the day.


Cal Sports Mobile comes to your Daycare Facility

Did you know that we have Cal Sports Academy programs ready to come to your existing Daycare facility?  We’re already working with little ones at the Goddard School in Skippack and Friendship House in Hatfield.

We base our curriculum on standards set forth by the PA Department of Education. At Cal Sports Academy we focus on the child’s individual development by offering age appropriate programs that focus on Balance and Body Coordination, Hand Eye Coordination, Yoga and Gymnastics basics, and an introduction to the fundamental movements of running, tee-ball, soccer and basketball.
We can facilitate these classes indoors or outdoors, and provide all the necessary equipment for the programs. We believe that it’s never too early for a child to find their “Strength Through Sports.” (more…)