Our Intermediate Volleyball program is designed for boys and girls ages 12-16 years old.  Coaches will continue to teach the fundamentals of passing, setting, hitting, and serving, but put those skills into more game-like situations.  Players will learn defensive positioning as well as incorporate single blocking.  Offensively, players will learn attacks in the front row and back row as well as begin to practice spot serving.  By the end of the session, players will have a better sense of court awareness and increased volleyball IQ (both offensively and defensively) as well as more confidence on the basic fundamentals needed in the game of volleyball.

Player Expectations:

  • Must have a foundation in volleyball.
  • The ability to serve the ball over the net (Underhand or overhand, consistently).

Players are placed into small groups based on their skill level to give every youth volleyball player the attention they deserve.


CVB-201: Complete Volleyball Player

“Complete Volleyball Player” – This class will continue to reiterate the fundamentals of volleyball, but players begin to focus on making each skill effective in the game of volleyball. Coaches will use mini games and drills to begin to focus on a pass, set, hit system from Offense and Defense. Players will learn how to effectively pass, set, hit, and serve and will begin learning the transition from offense to defense. Coaches will also begin to introduce Serve Receive and Base Defense. Players will be introduced to blocking in the front row as well.

Age / Grade: 10-16 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CVB-202: Attacking the Game

“Attacking the Game” – This class will continue to reiterate the fundamentals of volleyball. This class will begin to teach offense and defense systems for a 6-man team in volleyball as well as positions on the court. Concepts such as serve receive, base defense, offense, and transitioning will be used heavily in this class. Coaches will run 6-man drills to make the drills as “game-like” as possible.

Age / Grade: 10-16 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes

CVB 202