Our Intermediate Basketball programs allow players, ages 8-12, to begin taking his or her skills to the next level. Players begin specializing in specific positions while learning skills and attitudes that will lead them to success on, and off, the court.

Players are placed into small groups based on their skill level to give every youth basketball player the attention they deserve.

Player Expectations:

  • Knowledge of basketball basics.
  • The ability to dribble the ball with both hands individually from sideline to sideline without losing the ball.
  • Able to reach the 10-foot basket with the ball when shooting.
  • Must be able to shoot from the foul line.

Our Intermediate Basketball programs are:


CBB-201: Developing the Complete Player

Now that players have established a basic basketball awareness and have been introduced to the fundamental skills of the game, it is time to start developing efficiency in all areas of the game. Players will experience a progression of skill development drills while also gain an understanding of effective offensive/defensive positioning.

Age / Grade: 8-12 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-202: Advancing the Complete Player

This course will take the individual skill progression of each player and give them an understanding of how and when to use these skills to be successful in games. Players will enhance tactical awareness through a variety of drills combining elements of ball handling, scoring, rebounding, offensive concepts, and defensive concepts.

Age / Grade: 8-12 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-203: Developing the Team Player

This course will combine the skill sets established in previous courses to develop each individual’s effectiveness as a team player. We will address various team defensive principles such as defending screens, help-side defense, rotations, and transition defense as well as team offensive principles including half-court spacing, on and off-ball screening, motion concepts, advantage opportunities, and responsibilities, etc.

Age / Grade: 8-12 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-204: Building a Shooter

This class is the next step for intermediate level players to develop as an effective shooter. Players will be guided through a variety of shooting exercises to continue to develop consistency, extend their shooting range, and gain experience shooting in game-like situations.

Age / Grade: n/a
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-205: Girls Intermediate Basketball Training

This course is an opportunity for intermediate level players to work on their game in a girls-only setting. Our coaching staff will work with these female athletes to develop their individual skills, as well as their understanding of offensive and defensive team concepts.

Age / Grade: 8-12 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes