“Training with girls only doesn’t mean the workout is less challenging.  What girls only training does do is give the female athletes an environment to make mistakes and ask questions.  These are things they may be shy or nervous about in co-ed training.” – Coach Gina


Here at Cal Sports Academy, we strive to train our athletes to excel at their sport and become the best players that they can be. We are now offering our girls only basketball programs to help athletes increase their knowledge and skill in the game. Girls will have the opportunity to learn and grow under the teaching of our professional coaches. From learning the basics of basketball to mastering the most advanced skills, athletes will be taught with our practiced curriculum, which focuses on honing the skills of the players through technical drills and game play scenarios. Our athletes are trained to a standard which allows them to rise above their competition and peers and shine on the court at their schools and competitions.


Our athletes are trained under the watchful eye of Coach Gina. Coach Corey,and Coach Dean. Together, they bring over fifty-five years of playing and coaching experience from the high-school level to the national scene. They strive to develop their athletes and help them reach whatever goals they desire.


Our Girls Only Basketball Programs are:



CBB-105: Girl’s Beginner Basketball Training

This course is for our beginner level female basketball players. Our experienced coaches will introduce players to the fundamentals of the game such as shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense. Players will have fun taking part in various drills and competitions while learning the rules of the game and basic basketball concepts.

Age / Grade: 5-9 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-205: Girl’s Intermediate Basketball Training

This course is an opportunity for intermediate level players to work on their game in a girls-only setting. Our coaching staff will work with these female athletes to develop their individual skills, as well as their understanding of offensive and defensive team concepts.

Age / Grade: 8-12 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


Girl’s Only Workout and Scrimmage

The Girl’s Only Workouts are a high intensity workout that covers a wide variety of basketball skills that will be helpful to the girls in developing their game. We will cover several game situations that will help the girls build their basketball IQ and enable them to have more confidence in themselves. Some of the skills we will cover include ball handling, shooting, defense, in-game situations, and many more. The purpose of the Girl’s Only Workouts are to help each girl develop their game while playing and learning alongside other girls which will allow them to reach their full potential. These workouts are beneficial to girls who are playing for their CYO and Club basketball teams as well as those girls who are planning to tryout for this upcoming AAU season.

Age / Grade: 8-12 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


Not offered this session | Contact office@calsportsacademy.com if you are interested!


Girl’s Only Basketball League

CAL Sports will be starting a Girl’s Only In House League for girls in grades 5-7! This league will start in March and run through May.

Age / Grade: 11-13 Years Old
League Duration: 10 Weeks