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We recently received a copy of a homework assignment from one of our CAL athletes.  We were so moved by the poem, we wanted to share it.

My hero is my Coach Corey
I chose him to be my hero because he is always here for me
He is like my best friend
If I’m ever in trouble or need help
I know I can always go to him
If I don’t feel comfortable talking to my parents about something
I know I can always go to him
He is always there to listen and help me get through tough situations
Big supporter on and off the court
Always helping me to succeed in my goals
Telling me right from wrong
Making sure I chose right
That is why he is my hero
Coach Corey
-Steve Martin

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gabriel houser speed and agility athlete runningThree years ago, I changed my life after I found out I was clinically obese at age 12.

September 25, 2016
by Gabriel Houser, Speed and Agility Student at CAL Sports Academy

In 2013, I went to my doctor’s appointment and found out that I was clinically obese. I decided it was time to take action. I began taking classes at CAL Sports in November 2013. My first class was speed and agility and I was very uncomfortable the whole time. Everyone else in the class looked more athletic and stronger. I began to wonder what I was doing there, when a man called us over to begin the class.
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Dear Coach Corey,

In English class we are reading the book, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. As I read, I am reminded of all of the influential people in my life. You are one of the people who I know that has shaped me into the person I am today.

Thinking back to when we first met, I remember attending one of your practices; not having a clue on what to do. I was quite embarrassed. But you guided me through the drills and led me to success (a little bit of success. It took some time). You let me know the truth that I needed practice. I took what you taught me home that day and practiced exactly what we did. You also let me know that it will take a lot of time to get to be where I want to be. “Nothing happens overnight,” you said. I took this to heart and became not only a better player on the court, but a better player anywhere I am.
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My son had a ball yesterday at the park. He loves playing basketball and he loves playing for you! Thank you for being more than a coach to my son and the boys.

Thank you so much for all you have done for my son and the boys. My son had a ball yesterday at the park. He loves playing basketball and he loves playing for you! Thank you for being more than a coach to my son and the boys. I see him getting better and better. We hope you do too. Thank you again, you’re so wonderful. God gave you a gift; and you sure use it for these kids!

Gretchen and Karl

A year ago I started to train at CAL Sports for Volleyball. I had no experience but high goals. I wanted to make it on a club team and be able to serve and set consistently well. I attended the weekly clinics, played in the CAL Sports Volleyball Leagues and summer camps. I had great coaches from Coach Rush, Coach Watson and especially Coach Julie. The last few weeks I had private lessons with Coach Julie who help hone my setting skills and pushed me to work harder.

The work and coaching paid off and I was offered a place on a club team!! I am so excited and grateful for the wonderful encouragement and coaching staff at CAL Sports. I really would not have been able to make a club team without CAL Sports!! Even though the club team will be practicing three days a week I will continue to come to CAL to develop my game and become a better player. Thanks again!!!!