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“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” 

This quote was said by High School Basketball Coach Tim Notke, someone whose job it was to evaluate talent and push his players to reach their goals.

While coaches will sometimes get lucky and have a player or two who possess raw natural athleticism, coaches at CAL Sports Academy are often pressed to find the hidden gems.

At CAL Sports, a player’s mental qualities are just as important, if not more, than their natural ability.

Continue reading “How CAL Coaches Evaluate Player Progress”

Recently, one of the CAL Sports Academy player parents was able to procure a donation to our organization from her generous employers at ALMAC.  After some deliberation, we were happy to award the donation in the form of a scholarship to one of our players, Ares Marshall Deardorff.  Ares is a wonderful young man who’s family has faced some tough issues recently.  Ares’ mother recalls the details.  Continue reading “A powerful story of community at CAL Sports Academy”

What makes CAL Sports Academy different?

One word: Development.
CAL Sports is an organization dedicated to the development of young athletes though our youth sports programs.
One of our primary goals is to raise the level of play for youth, ages three through eighteen, in our communities. We decided that by providing a fun, challenging, organized, and creative atmosphere gives youth the chance to develop individually and in a team.  Continue reading “What really makes CAL Sports Academy different from other area youth sports programs?”

Let’s face it: as an athlete, at one point or another you’ll be on the bench. What you do with that experience will teach you more about life than all the minutes you play combined.  Coach Corey is a firm believer that expecting and preparing for that day on the bench is one of the more important skills you’ll need to develop as a young athlete. Continue reading “The benefits of sitting on the bench as an athlete”