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CAL Sports believes strongly in complimenting skills training for any sport with strength, speed, and agility conditioning.  Working the entire body enhances the motor skills it takes to get your moves to the next level.  Working the leg muscles makes you jump higher.  This results in getting that rebound or spiking the ball over your opponent.  Repeating your chosen sport skills takes repetition and muscle memory – why not take that even further by conditioning your body to perform when you require it to, no questions asked! Continue reading “The Importance of Performance Training”

With CAL Sports Academy’s new Fall class offerings, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced players are getting the best possible instruction from fundamentals, elements of game play, and player development now matter what position they play.  When it comes to progressing into an “Elite” player, here are some things we consider before an athlete is invited into the program. Continue reading “CAL Elite – How does it work?”