Our Competitive Volleyball program is for boys and girls ages 12-18 years old, who want to take their volleyball skills to the next level.   In this class, coaches are striving to prepare players for the next level of competition (High School or Club Volleyball).  Players will go through high intensity offense and defense drills to improve their overall game.  Players will be challenged with learning jump serves as well as spot serving.  Quick offensive plays such as quick middles, slides, and shoots will be practiced throughout the session.   Dedication and commitment to hard work is a must in our Advanced Volleyball programs.

Player Expectations:

  • Must have volleyball in-game experience.
  • The ability to serve the ball over the net from the end line (preferably overhand).

Players are placed into small groups based on their skill level to give every youth volleyball player the attention they deserve.



CVB-301: Advancing the Complete Player 

Tuesday’s 7:00 – 8:00 pm GIRLS