Our Advanced Basketball programs challenges players, ages 12-15, to become specialized in positions, excel at various techniques and skills and apply those skills in game-specific situations. Players learn decision making to enhance their entire team. Dedication and commitment to hard work is a must in our Advanced Basketball programs.

Players are placed into small groups based on their skill level to give every youth basketball player the attention they deserve.

Player Expectations:

  • The ability to dribble with both hands individually up and down the full court.
  • The ability to make shots from the foul line.
  • The ability to jump to reach rebounds.
  • The ability to handle the physical nature of specialized positions.
  • Must know the various basketball passes (chest, baseball, bounce, overhead) and can execute them.

Our Advanced Basketball programs are:


CBB-301: Scoring from the Perimeter

This course will address tactical concepts and skill development necessary to become an effective perimeter scorer while also establishing effectiveness as a perimeter defender. Players will gain experience and understanding using and reacting to various types of screens and cuts to score, advantage/disadvantage situations, creating passing lanes, effective passing against different defensive schemes, primary and secondary transition attack, etc.

Age / Grade: 12-15 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-302: Attacking the Paint

This course will work to develop each player’s strength and effectiveness getting to the basket to either score or position teammates to score. We will primarily focus on body control, dribble attack, and finishing to score while also incorporating the importance of discipline in decision making, reading and reacting to defense, post moves, and footwork, and rebounding among other various offensive and defensive principles.

Age / Grade: 12-15 Years Old
Class Length: 60 Minutes


CBB-303: Game Application

It is now time to put your skills to use in our CAL 303 Game Application course! In this course, players will gain experience utilizing our previously addressed skills and team concepts in controlled game/scrimmage scenarios.


Not Currently Offered in Session Seven | Contact office@calsportsacademy.com If Interested!


CBB-304: Transition to Prep

Think you are ready for our Elite Prep level? This course will serve as an evaluation period for advanced players who believe they have what it takes to take part in our Elite Prep programs. Players will be pushed and tested to further enhance their skills through high-level drills and game situations all while being evaluated by our coaching staff. *This class is a requirement for players looking to move on to our Elite Prep classes.


Not Currently Offered in Session Seven | Contact office@calsportsacademy.com If Interested!


CBB-305: Girls Advanced Basketball Training

This advanced level course is designed specifically to work with our experienced female athletes on further developing their basketball skills. Players will take part in a variety of high-level drills and game situations to elevate their skills and increase confidence on the court.


Not Currently Offered in Session Six | Contact office@calsportsacademy.com If Interested!