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Cal Sports Mobile comes to your Daycare Facility

Did you know that we have Cal Sports Academy programs ready to come to your existing Daycare facility?  We're already working with little ones at the Goddard School in Skippack and Friendship House in Hatfield.We base our curriculum on standards set forth by the PA Department of Education. At Cal Sports Academy we focus on the child’s individual development by offering age appropriate programs that focus on Balance and Body Coordination, Hand Eye Coordination, Yoga and Gymnastics basics, and an introduction to the fundamental movements of running, tee-ball, soccer and basketball. We can facilitate these classes indoors or outdoors, and provide all the necessary equipment for the programs. We believe that it’s never too early for a child to find their “Strength Through Sports.”
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CALLoween and Haunted Hoops Events 2017

We have two special events coming up in October! CALLoween and Coach Corey's Haunted Hoops. Check them out below!
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2017’s 5 Pillar Award Recipient

Congratulations to Jared Martin who was named our 2017 5 Pillar Award Recipient at our annual AAU Basketball Banquet! On September 15, 2017, coaches gave out awards that showcased our athletes who worked hard during our spring program. Our 5 Pillar Award is given out to one athlete who exemplifies our 5 tenants of our CAL Sports Academy mentality of strength, determination, motivation, commitment, and teamwork.
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Is Your Athlete’s Coach a Good Fit?

Parents, Is your coach a good one?While youth sports coaches come in all shapes and sizes, with different types of personalities. There are some things a parent should look for as signs of a high-quality youth sports coach. 
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Back to School Time for Your Athlete

August 2, 2017 by Lynn Uknis, Operations ManagerParents, it’s that time of year again. Back to school is upon us and soon your athletes will have to balance a life of school work, socializing and sports activities.  Here are some schools in session survival tips to keep yourself and your athlete in check during the school year.
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Private Sports Training

July 3, 2017 by Lynn Uknis, Operations Manager Private sports training sessions can enhance a player’s skill set and take them to an elite level.  Most professional athletes have had some type of one on one training to refine their skills to get to that next level of play. However, many children of all ages would benefit from one on one instruction as well whether it be for enhancing their skills for an upcoming tryout, or to better their skills in general.  Just like tutors for academics, experienced trainers will examine what your child needs to work on most and tailor a program accordingly. 
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Benefits of Sports Summer Camps

The summer vacation is the perfect time for the younger members of your household to enjoy their free time practicing a sport. Without doubt, the best way to spend their summer vacation is to participate in any sports summer camp, where kids can develop their athletic skills and meet new people.
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CAL Sports Mobile

CAL Mobile is the newest extension to CAL Sports Academy! CAL Mobile comes to your community, all you have to do is book us! We bring the coaches, the equipment, and the curriculum! We are The Difference.  We can bring the following sports to you:Basketball Volleyball Soccer Pre-School Performance Training CAL Mobile made its debut at Quakertown Christian School!  This is only a glimpse of what CAL Mobile can do! CAL will be coming back to the Quakertown area with even more to offer!  We will be holding clinics, events, and even programs!  Stay tuned for updates!  In the meantime, check out our current programs that we offer at our home gym - CAL Sports Academy!Contact us at office@calsportsacademy.com or 844-CAL-EDGE to book us today!CAL  Mobile - Video 

Hatfield Basketball Clinics

More Basketball clinics on the way!CAL Sports Academy is making its way to Hatfield!  We have a couple basketball clinics in the works, so stay tuned for dates and times!  In the meantime, check out our August and September specialty events!

Memorial Day…More Than the Picnic

Memorial Day Blog ImageApril 28, 2017 by Lynn Uknis, Operations Manager Memorial Day is one of the two days every year used to honor our veterans. After all they have done for America we must ensure that Memorial Day fulfills the job of honoring everyone, from policemen, to men and women in the army. They would like Memorial Day to be observed as a day of reflection and celebration for all veterans past and present.
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